The electronic Transport Information System (e-TIS) is a consolidated register of vehicles and drivers for the registration and licensing of vehicles and drivers and interface to different systems such as National Identity or other Government Systems.

a) Motor Vehicle Register

The motor vehicle register has numerous modules and functionality to enable governments to provide for all regulatory and procedural requirements in the management of its motor vehicle population. Supplementary functionality includes change of ownership, duplicate registration certificates, deregistration of vehicles, auditing, management reports, as well as financial and transaction history. The core features include:

Motor vehicle registration
  • Introduction of new and imported vehicles
  • Registration of vehicles per regulation directives
  • All changes to vehicle status

Motor vehicle licensing
  • Licensing of vehicles and collection of fees as per payment schedules
  • Licence renewals
  • Produces a secure licence disc that includes RFID technology for vehicle identification purposes

Custom licence number plate
  • Enables government to issue custom number plates that are personalised per applicant requirement

Vehicle fitness
  • Allows traffic authorities to record the road worthiness of vehicles after inspection

  • Caters for the issuing of various permits, such as for special usage of vehicle or to provide a temporary licence subject to permit conditions

Public transport management
  • An all-encompassing solution for public transport management
  • Caters for driver permits, route permissions and operator classifications etc.

Interface capability
  • Our motor vehicle register can interface with any government department, such as police or revenue authority for owner verification or theft reporting
  • Authorised access for 3rd parties such as financial institutions or insurance companies

Our driving licence register provides an end-to-end solution to manage all driver related services and incorporates modules and features that extend service capacity and delivery. Management control is enhanced and modern, secure driving licence cards based on the best-in-class technology and materials are provided for. Core features include:

  • A booking system for all driver related services, this service can also be made available online
  • Computer based learning for driver education for provisional or learner licences through touch screen technology
  • Built in control for driving licence authorisation and maintenance
  • Secure card production facility and logistics control
  • Interface capability with traffic authorities to verify driving licence credentials

c) Contravention Register

All traffic related contraventions are managed by this module and the following services are provided:

  • Processing of all infringements-manual or device generated
  • Issuing of traffic fines and summonses
  • Management of all related administrative processes such as court rolls, representations, appeals and payment of fines

d) Accidents Register

Given that our vehicle register contains driver and vehicle data, our vehicle accident module is able to accurately provide accident data for operational processing. The solution caters for a national and centralised database of all accidents. Features include:

  • Detailed recording of locality, vehicle and person details
  • Statistical analysis of trends and accident hot-spots
  • Information for law enforcement and roads design

e) Weighbridge Register

Overloading causes major road infrastructure damage and is often a major cause of accidents. The SPSI solution enables government to deal with these issues, as well as revenue collection, in an efficient manner. Our solution includes:

  • RFID technology that is used for vehicle identification
  • An interface between the weighbridge and respective registers that retrieves data for vehicle and driver verification for enforcement purposes
  • Allows for the issuing of fines if in contravention of over-loading directives

f) Cross Border Register

The movement of persons and vehicles across national borders has implications on both security and crime. Our technology and processes facilitate the following:

  • Providing efficient and secure cross border movement and administration
  • Interface with neighbouring countries to verify person or vehicle data
  • Assisting law enforcement in identifying stolen vehicles
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

g) Number Plate Management System

Our e-TIS is capable of integrating with existing number plate systems to provide government with transparency in the process of allocating number plates to vehicles. However the SPSI number plate management system can be incorporated within the e-TIS which allows for the following:

  • Secure control over management and distribution of plates
  • Audit functionality
  • Our secure features and administrative controls will ensure that number plates are uniquely allocated to vehicles

SPSI has comprehensive expertise, skills and technological know-how to develop legal entity registers (population and business data base) for government through biometric technology.

This can progress seamlessly to fully fledged population and business registers that will enable government to have more modern, flexible and scalable entity solutions. The value and service can be expanded to include:

  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Application and issuing of ID cards
  • Registration of marriages and all related services, such as divorce, etc.
  • Issuing of passports and temporary passports

Our solutions in biometric and card technology can be applied in the following areas:

  • The registration of learners and higher education students
  • The registration of natural person for pension payouts or social benefits
  • The issuing of security coded employment cards for government officials
  • Voters roll management
  • The creation of a firearms register to ensure greater control and efficiency in law enforcement

Our billing solution is requirements driven. Government and local authorities have diverse billing objectives and SPSI’s client focus approach ensures that all challenges and solutions are addressed. The following billing services are provided:

  • Property tax
  • Water and sanitation levies
  • Electricity consumption
  • Radio and television licences
  • Payments for industry services and permits
  • The administration and collection of vehicle toll fees

In addition accurate person and address details are recorded thereby providing a more efficient billing service.

SPSI Information Technologies
have partnered with one of the leading global number plate suppliers. We are able to offer a unique number plate solution that conforms to “best-in-class” standards

A secure and unique specialised tag is supplied in conjunction with the number plates which ensures complete compliance; no duplication is possible and provides full law enforcement control. This is achieved through unique proprietary solutions.

Our comprehensive law enforcement solution comprises of various modules which can serve in all the needs of Government with regard to its vehicle population and the overall management thereof. The diagram below provides an overview of the types of solutions and services that SPSI can provide.

Law enforcement solution detail

  • Speed cameras
  • Cameras installed at high speed points
  • Determine number plate electronically either through OCR or RFID
  • Verify vehicle details through secure interface to the e-TIS
  • Handheld device
  • Roadside verification of vehicle or driver details through cell phone, high speed readers
    or handheld devices
  • Real-time access to vehicle and owner database
  • Weighbridges
  • Record vehicle mass directly from weighbridge
  • RFID used for vehicle verification
  • Manage overloading and outstanding fines
  • Fines
  • Real time queries to owner and vehicle database
  • Fines centrally recorded for national database of fines
  • Payment services of outstanding fines countrywide
  • Debt collection enforced through vehicle and driver licensing
  • Driver behavior managed through penalty points
  • Prosecution
  • Schedule court dates
  • Record judicial results of contraventions
  • Record driver licence endorsements
  • Record payments at courts or other nominated sites
  • Accidents
  • Centralised system for recording all accidents on national level
  • Detailed recording of locality, vehicle and person details involved in accident
  • Statistical analysis of accident trends and hot spots
  • Reports for government and law enforcement for planning purpose

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